Reading Challenge 2015

So this past January, I decided to take part in the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge! They came up with a list of 50 categories of books that include a nice, wide range of genres (see the list here). Everyone seems to have their own take on this challenge. Some people are trying to fit as many categories into each book as possible. Some are reading only certain types of books, like all non-fiction or all children’s books. Some are doing a different author for each category.

I decided to keep it simple: a different book for each category. My only rule is that each book has to be new to me, I can’t have read it before. This has made some of the categories a little more tricky, like “a book from your childhood”, but I’m figuring out ways to make it happen.

Since one of the categories is “a trilogy”, finishing the challenge means I have to read 52 book this year. Sounds tricky, right? Well, guess what? I’M ALREADY 23 BOOKS IN! That’s right, I’m kicking this challenge’s butt! 😀

Now that I have a brand-spanking new blog, I have decided that I should review the books I read for the challenge right here. And since I’m already so far in, we will have quite a few to get through in the next few weeks. I will warn you ahead of time: I’m not a professional by any means. I don’t work for the publishing industry, I’m not an author, I won’t be talking about the meaning behind every little word. I’m just going to write a description of each book (honestly, I’ll probably steal that part from Amazon, lol) and my thoughts on it, to give you an idea if you might like to read it too.

So stay tuned! My next post will probably be my first review! 😀


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