Welcome to Night Vale Live Tour

Last summer, I discovered a new (to me) podcast called “Welcome to Night Vale”…and I fell in love instantly. For those of you who’ve never heard of it, my all time favorite description is “It’s like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King started a Sim City and left it running on it’s own for a few years”. Seriously, it’s that awesome.

So imagine my excitement when I found out Night Vale was going to be doing a US tour this spring! And they were coming to DC, which is only a couple hours away from me! I managed to con one of my co-workers (who had never listened to it) into going with me as a Girls’ Night Out and we had a blast!

The Gals
The Gals

I won’t give away the plot of the show, since they will be selling a recording of it after the tour is over and they asked us not to spoil it for our fellow fans, but it was really good! The entire cast was there: Cecil (of course), Carlos, John…you know…the farmer?, Tamika Flynn, Steve Carlsburg (yuck), even Joseph Fink showed up (briefly) as a new intern! 🙂 (Sorry about the horrendous pictures, btw. I finally figured out why everyone takes really bad pictures at concerts. 😦 )

Dessa (aka The Weather)
Dessa (aka The Weather)
Carlos! :D
Carlos & Cecil (with Disparition on hand to set the mood)
"Why? Why did you do it?"
“Why? Why did you do it?”
The Cast
The Cast

If you enjoy the podcast and cannot make it to the tour, I would definitely recommend downloading the recording once it is out. Everyone in the cast did an amazing job, the weather was one of the finest I’ve heard on the show (I need to get Dessa’s CD!), and the story line was really good (creepy and hilarious, as all the best episodes are). And if you ARE going to the show…would you snag me the code for the book preview? They ran out of postcards by the time I made it through the line at the merchandise desk. I figure it can’t hurt to ask, right? 😉

And now, I wish you all…

"Goodnight, Night Vale, Goodnight."
“Goodnight, Night Vale, Goodnight.”

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