First Pen Pal!

At the beginning of March, I discovered The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club!

It’s pretty cool site where you can sign up for a pen pal based on your favorite geeky things. There are forums, contests, and all sorts of other things too. Basically it’s a site where you can be overly enthusiastic about whatever geeky things you love and no one will look at you weird for it. I HAVE FOUND MY PEOPLE. 😉

So I decided to go ahead and sign up for a pen pal this month. It will be my very first ever pen pal! I’ve never really corresponded (even with friends and family) via snail mail, so this will be an entirely new experience for me. Let’s hope that I’m better at striking up conversation in writing than I am face to face. 😉

We will be assigned our pen pals in the next couple of days and I am super-excited! I will keep you all in the loop on how it goes. Wish me luck! 😀


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