Book Tag – Hufflepuff Appreciation Post

HuffPuffs Represent! 😀

A lady in one of my book clubs, Erica Robyn, created a new Book Tag for Hufflepuff House Pride Day (March 20th), so I’ve decided to join in the fun!

Rules: The only rule is that the book must NOT come from the Harry Potter ‘verse.

Hard Work
Name a difficult read that you were proud to have finished.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Suzanna Clarke) – This book took FOREVER. For a book about magic, it was amazingly dry. The overall plot was interesting and I liked the characters well enough, but the book itself just dragged. It honestly read like a history book rather than a novel (there were FOOTNOTES). Don’t get me wrong, I like history, but I’m not fond of novels that read like textbooks.

Name a book with a slow start that you almost gave up on, but ended up loving.

American Gods (Neil Gaiman) – This book was on my DNF shelf for a LONG time; I just couldn’t seem to get into it. But the mythology nut in me wouldn’t let it go, so I eventually tried again. Man, I’m glad I did! This book is completely awesome! The amount of myths/legends the author is able to work into the story is amazing and, considering the character cast, the fact that the story remains completely believable is astounding and totally down to his superb writing skills.

Name one of your favorite loyal sidekicks.

Questionable Content (Jeph Jacques) – Ok, so Pintsize is a really odd pick for this one, but he IS actually one of my favorite sidekicks of all time. He throws out weird one-liners, is kind of vulgar, and definitely keeps everyone on their toes. But if any of his crew are in a jam, he’s right in there trying to help…even if his idea of help isn’t always the best. 😉

Fair Play
Name a book or series that frustrated you because things just didn’t seem fair.

Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket) – I will admit, I didn’t make it past the third book of this series. It just felt TOO contrived, like the author was just hurling every ‘unfortunate’ thing he could think of into the books without caring about realism. I guess that was kind of the point of the books and it IS a good way to keep kids interested, but it just felt like too much to me, so I DNF’d it.

Newt Scamander (Magizoologist)
Name a book or series with creatures that you would like to see come to life.

His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman) – I think it would be awesome if people really had daemons. I would enjoy having a ready-made buddy to hang around with, even if it is technically just a manifestation of my inner-self. 😉

Cedric Diggory (Prefect, Quidditch Captain/Seeker, Triwizard Champion)
Name a character that is a great leader.

Going Postal (Terry Pratchett) – You wouldn’t think it of a character described as an ‘arch-swindler’, but Moist von Lipwig (yes, that is his name) actually ends up as a really good leader of this (kind of insane) post office/town. This is part of the Discworld series, but can be read totally separate.

Pomona Sprout (Professor of Herbology & Head of House)
Name a book with a character in the teaching profession.

My Teacher is an Alien (Bruce Coville) – These books are great! I loved them when I was in middle school and they still hold up pretty well now that I’m an adult. This was one of the books (series) that made me fall in love with science-fiction as a child. The idea that your teacher was not only and alien, but (spoilers) wants you to join them on a trip through outer space? Totally awesome!!!

Nymphadora Tonks (Auror & Member of Order of the Phoenix)
Name a strong female character.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe (Fannie Flagg) – This is cheating a bit, since it’s multiple characters, but I want to call it out because every single woman in this book is a strong woman. Every single one of them does what needs to be done to protect themselves, their friends/family, and their town. I would be proud to know any of the women in this book.

Fat Friar (House Ghost)
Name a book that you would like to get more attention.

Fairytales for Wilde Girls (Allyse Near) – I fell completely in love with this book. The author interweaves fairy tales (of her own making) so well into the story that it’s hard to tell what is real and what isn’t; but then, that’s kind of the point of the book. I won’t go into to much detail, but if you like fairy tale types books, I recommend this one.

Helga Hufflepuff (Founder of House)
Name your favorite bookish organization (real or fictional).

Goodreads – I can’t think of a good bookish organization in an actual book, so I’m just going to go with Goodreads in real life. This is a great website, where you can keep track of books that you read, give reviews, see what your friends are reading, join groups to discuss books, and find new books that you’ve never heard of before. I love this site. 🙂

Hengist of Woodcroft (Founder of Hogsmeade)
Name a world/town/setting/etc. of a book that you would love to visit.

Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper (Jackson Lear) –  This may also be cheating a bit…but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a magical scythe that allowed you to travel into any book you wanted? That allowed you to make friends (and foes) with all your favorite characters? And then allowed you to pop right back out once things started getting hairy? Yeah it would!

Yellow & Black (House Colors)
Name a book with a cover that is mainly yellow and black.

The Knowland Retribution (Richard Greener) – Well, the title is in pink, but the rest of the cover is mostly yellow and black, at least in my edition. 😉 This is the first book of The Locator series, which inspired The Finder tv series. I LOVED that show and was ecstatic to find out that is was based on a real series. The books are actually quite different, but still really good!


Whew! Well, that list took a while. Good Book Tag, Erica! Let’s keep this one going, you guys. Feel free to snag the list from me, but please remember to credit Erica Robyn. And link your posts in my comments! I’d love to see what you pick! 🙂


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